Your Complete Guide to Nandrolone

Nandrolone is a compound that can be taken in the form of injections; and only if it is injected by the doctors on regular visits and recommended dosage. Nandrolone is sensitive when it comes to be used for the human body, which is why it is recommended to be injected by the help of doctors. The drug brings about impressive results when it comes to the health of the body. Within weeks, you can notice the significant changes in muscle mass, addition of strength and endurance in the body tissues as well as in the male hormones. Using Nandrolone can improve testosterone hormones for men, by combining it with a healthy routine of exercise. Besides body building purposes, Nandrolone is also utilized for medical uses as well in order to treat the patients who are suffering from side effects of serious diseases such as weight loss and muscle loss due to HIV, Cancer etc. Such serious conditions lead to severe weight loss in patients which is why it becomes necessary for the doctors to prescribe them to Nandrolone to improve the health of the patient.

For people who are facing problems when it comes to sex hormones, doctors prescribe this drug to regulate the production of ovaries in females and testosterone in males. The most important point to consider when buying Nandrolone products or injections is to keep the validity in mind. Most dealers sell fake products which can be extremely risky for your health. Fake steroid use can lead to serous health problems in the future.

Average Dosage

The range for average dosage for daily use as set by the experts lies between 250-500 mg per week which should only be taken for the duration of 8 to 12 weeks; not more or less than this time period. For some bodybuilders, doctor recommend the lowest doses for better health and not overly bulky muscle mass which can lead to trouble for their careers. In simpler words, the dosage for a week ranges only till 150 mg. Although Nandrolone is preferred to be taken in the form of injections, it can also be taken in the form of powder, but it all depends on the individual’s preference.

Benefits of Nandrolone

Nandrolone has the tendency to perform multiple functions in your body on a single dose you take. There are many forms of the drugs, in the forms of pills, powder and injections. Although it is always recommended to consult a doctor for determining the perfect type and dose of Nandrolone for yourself, all give the same results and effects. Some benefits of this drug are as follows.

For Body Building

Nandrolone helps in building of your muscles. It increases the muscle mass and makes your body stronger. The drug works best in combination to a regular exercise routine; as well as it is preferable if it is taken in the form of a cycle. Nandrolone assists in protein synthesis which is excellent not only for your hormones (males especially), but also for your muscles as proteins are the constructive cells of muscles and tissues. Nandrolone does not give off a bulky effect to your muscles which is the desired look unless you really want bulky muscles for showing off.

For Medical Uses

Aside from bodybuilding purposes, Nandrolone is also commonly used for medical purposes as well. This is because this drug assists in treating various forms of serious health conditions which are either a result of another disease, or lack of nutrients etc. Nandrolone is prescribed by the doctor in case they notice you are the person in need. For instance, some common health conditions that can be treated by the drug include

Anaemia– a chronic kidney disease.

HIV- People suffering AIDS go through a lot of weight loss as well as reduction in muscle mass. Nandrolone is especially recommended to them so they can maintain their weight and gain strength.

For Male Health

Nandrolone is highly efficient when it comes to the concern of male health and sexuality. Even if males are not active in sports or activities, this drug can do wonders for their testosterone levels and for increasing their strength. It strengthens and increases male testosterone production which results in better physique, more hair, so it reduces baldness.

Precautions & Side effects

Using the recommended or prescribed dosage is extremely important in order to save one’s self from suffering its side effects. Use of steroids such as Nandrolone can sometimes lead to diabetic irregularities as well. For this reason, diabetic patients need to be extremely careful with their doses and even have their blood tested for glucose every now and then; so that there are no unfortunate incidents. Nandrolone can result in serious adverse conditions if used in excess or in less quantity, and sometimes can even lead to death. This is why, proper doses for the drug are to be taken seriously.

For Pregnancy, Nandrolone is strictly not recommended in order to avoid any serious affects on the baby as well as the mother. Steroids are well known in their role to boost the hormonal capacity. For pregnant women, the masculine hormone boost to the baby can lead to abnormalities and diseases. Some side serious as well as common side effects that may occur for not using Nandrolone properly are:

  • Heart and Liver Failure
  • Kills Liver Tissues
  • Blood Clotting in veins
  • Acne Breakout
  • Dizziness and Nausea
  • Diarrhoea and Water Retention
  • Leukaemia
  • Higher levels of Cholesterol
  • Aggressiveness and Irritability


Steroids are generally used more by athletes and bodybuilders for increasing their muscle mass and strength. For best results, it is always beneficial if the steroids like Nandrolone are taken with a proper healthy diet as well as a regular workout regime. For most competitions, the bulky mass effect can lead to disruption in your ability to perform properly. Nandrolone helps to build lean muscles and is one of the perfectly legal drugs; although it is only prescribed and injected by the doctors, in case you are not opting for the powder.

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