Why is Dinabol so popular in the fitness circle?


Chinese name: Stetanol

Chinese alias: Kang Lilong

English name: Kang Lilong

English alias: Tevabolin; Kanglilong; Winstrol; STANAZOL; Estazol;

Kanglilong; STANOZOL; Stromba;

Medical use:For chronic wasting diseases, serious illness and post-operative weakness, weight loss, old and weak, osteoporosis, dysplasia in children, aplastic anemia.

Traits:This product is white crystalline powder; odorless; slightly hygroscopic. This product is slightly soluble in ethanol or chloroform, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate or acetone, very slightly soluble in benzene, almost insoluble in water or methanol.


Efficacy:The traits of vigorously make up the difficulty of making injections, and few people in the market have made great efforts to make injections. Basically, they are made into oral tablets, but they are not without injection. Vigor is one of the most popular and important anabolic steroids. There is no doubt that it is the best-selling oral steroid on the market, and even among all the steroids, it is one of the most popular. So what are the reasons for making such a popular offer?

1. Weight gain: The effect of vigorously accumulating appears very quickly and is very eye-catching. Within a few weeks of using Dianabol, individuals can add up to 20 pounds of weight, which is also the most common use, and the user’s power will increase significantly during this phase of use. This is why it is a great addition to the medicine that will be used as a season off. The power of users will also increase significantly during the use phase. In fact, vigorously supplement is the fastest growing muscle, the most powerful anabolic steroid.

2.Muscle and strength increase: vigorously add weight while increasing the user’s strength, and effective results, this is also an important reason for many people to use vigorously. The user achieves objective and easy muscle growth in a short time. So they are very popular in the bodybuilding industry. After all, rapid increase in muscle and strength is a big temptation for people with increased muscle difficulty.

3. Cheaper price: in the case of a few hundred dollars in a cycle of steroids, the price of vigorously supplement is relatively cheap, a bottle of Dianabol tablets only cost about 30 dollars, most people can afford it. And the pain caused by the injection could be avoided, so many users can avoid the pain of injection, some people just use it to avoid injection.


Usage: The dosage to use vigorously depends on your purpose of use. But no matter what the rumors and rumors are, the amount of fifteen milligrams per day will have obvious consequences. A dose of 20-25 mg will have a more satisfactory effect, but each additional dose may pose a greater risk. When you can control the body reaction of 20-25 mg daily, you can try a dose of 30-35 mg. But 50 mg a day is a big boost, you must have enough experience to do this.

The half-life of vigorous supplementation is about 3-5 hours. Many people recommend taking 2-3 times a day to get higher blood concentrations. However, the daily dose can be used to achieve a very high peak concentration in the blood, during which time training can achieve maximum growth.

The other is when to start using the big fix in a loop. Most users use it as a starter drug for the offensive muscle cycle. This can be recycled to start other mixed steroids before they start to work to get a better growth, while quickly gaining weight.


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