If you’re thinking cutting is to lose as much muscle as you can, they you’re partially correct. When people start a cutting cycle he also hopes to preserve muscle mass, so it’s a process to reduce body fat but keep the muscle at the same time. Then steroids which will help a lot in this process called cutting cycle steorids.

There are various forms of steroids however, the origianl form is raw steroids, which is in powder form, there also forms like pills, capsules and oils. However, steroid powders is the cheapest one and is populare among experienced bodybuilders.

Winstrol is one of the most popular cutting steroids, usually in both oral and injectable form, but both come from winstrol raws. Winstrol is able to lower Sex-Hormon-Binding-Globulin (SHBG), which can increase free Testosterone. It’s also good for boosting red blood cells which gives your muscle more oxygen.

The best oral cutting cycle steroids is anavar, it’s also the best steroids for women because it’s relatively safer, and is side effect friendly. It helps in preserving lean tissue while during the dieting phase, besides this, when on anaver cycle, you can burn fat at a more efficient rate. So that’s the reason it’s quite popular for cutting.

There are also others like trenbolone, Fluoxymesterone, Masteron, primobolan etc. Which are widely used in a cutting cycle, but among all these, testosterone is the most flexible and basice one. Stacking with trenbolone, winstrol and arimidex, it’s a complete cutting cycle. It’s well-known that China is the biggest country provding raw steroids, and testosterone raws is one of the best sellers.

If you’re in the game for a while, you should know if you’d like to buy steroid powder, it’s better you search for Chinese supplers. You can find different sites offering raw steroids online, it’s imprtant to do enough servey before you actually place the order. Unavoidable there will be scammers online, so you’d better search the source you’re going to use on forums and any other method that can prove it’s a legit one. If you don’t know how to brew the powders, you can choose semi-finished oils, which is easier to handle than powders.

Besides the raw steroids, there’re also other supliment such as human growth hormone, bodybuilding peptides and SARMS raws. All these are availabe on Chinese market, but you’d better keep an eye on the quality and choose a source who has a high reputation and provide high quality proucts as well as pretty good customer service. It’s recommended to choose one with middle price, cheapest source has no guarantee for quality and after-sale service, and the most expensive one is not that cost-effective. Once you find a good Chinese supplier, you’ll save a lot on your bodybuilding road.